Department of Repertory

Repertory word is derived from Latin word “Repertoire” or Repertorium which is again derived from Latin word (Repertus) which is a post participle of word Repairer. This means reproduce. So the repertory is an artistic collection of scientifically proved medicine on healthy human begins and then store in Homoeopathic Materia Medical and again reproduced in repertory.

C.M.F. Baron Von Boenninghausen was first stalwart who grades the remedy and known as “FATHER OF REPERTORY”AN and Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The Father of Homoeopathy prepare the first repertory known to world as “Fragmenta deviribus Medicamentorum positives” in 1805. As the science of Homoeopathy is based on principal "SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTER". Accordingly repertory helps the Homoeopathic Physician as a tool to reach an important group of medicines in order to select the final remedy. Now a days there are many Repertory softwares are available like RADAR, HOMPATH etc which aid to manage the repertorization in few seconds for the students as well as to the practitioners.

This department is equipped with all necessary items as prescribed in the Homoeopathy Central Council (Minimum Standards Requirement of Homoeopathic College and attached Hospital) Regulations 2013.